Breaking through barriers for workers
who have children with special needs

respitWebsite provides respite options listings and contact information for central, east, north, west and York regions.

Services include:

1. Access Facilitators to help identify a family's respite needs and to provide short-term co-ordination to overcome barriers to receiving respite services.

2. Classified ads for families and workers for the CHAP program (Community Helpers for Active Participation)

Of special interest:
During the next three years, will be expanding so that families across Ontario will be able to find local respite support services online.

Resource Details:
Topic Area: Work Life Balance
Type: Website
Source/Organization: Geneva Centre for Autism
Geographic Focus: Toronto (but concept of interest to others)
Language: English only
Purpose: To coordinate a network of agencies and organizations providing respite services to individuals with all kinds of disabilities and their families in Toronto.
Date reviewed: January 2013